Being Professional

We millennials are not good at being professional. I have seen my colleagues, from the same age group and hierarchy, wear sport shoes to the team meetings on a Monday! No, the dress code didn’t allow it.

It’s seems as if people above us have probably given up on us. Nonetheless, there are seniors and managers who secretly expect some professionalism from us and appreciate and favor those who do take care of the same. It can help improve others’ opinion about you albeit being minute in terms of the effort needed to execute.

  1. Be Punctual
    I read this line written on a 3-wheeler auto-rickshaw driver’s seat:
    “Please don’t ask me to drive faster. It’s you who’s late, not me!”
    Yes, I know you are running late almost every morning and that the traffic is something out of all our control. But it’s easier if you shift your mental reporting time by 15 minutes – gives you buffer time to settle in and will definitely help you someday to step in that very important meeting with a senior leader when your boss gets stuck in office. Believe me, this helped me get a project which contributed to my double-promotion. Moreover, you shouldn’t restrict this punctuality for work only – this also means you eat on time and take appropriate breaks to freshen yourself up.
  2. Keep yourself updated

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